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Hillary’s historic nomination takes attention away from significance of Trump’s convention milestone

The Democrats become first major party to nominate a woman for president while GOP breaks new ground picking a joke

Trump is the first to hit the campaign trails without any of the background, qualifications or skills to be president

By David Maril

When Hillary Clinton officially ended Bernie Sander’s campaign for the White House at the Democrat’s convention, the media was all over the historic event of her becoming the first woman to win a major party’s nomination for the presidency.

However, everyone missed the other major story of historic importance coming from the Republican convention. Not as historic an achievement but more amazing in nature was the fact the GOP managed to nominate the first complete joke as a major party finalist to run for president. Somehow, the mainstream media, the biased Internet blogs, and the shrieking right-wing radio talk masters and mistresses were unable to recognize this once in a lifetime political result.

Sure, in the history of our nation, we have had some astoundingly unqualified presidents making messes of things all over the world. But never has such a major party candidate emerged who has absolutely nothing, in a positive sense, going for him to be commander and chief.

This has nothing to do with ideology. It would not matter whether Donald Trump was a conservative, centrist, liberal, socialist, libertarian, green party guru, Federalist, Tory, Whig or any other political affiliation. In fact, there is evidence at one time or another he has been all of the above when it suits his talking points.

None of these designations matter. What gives Trump his historical significance is how devoid his background is of any qualities and experiences that would give him a chance to avoid becoming a total flop as president.

Despite what you might believe, this is not a strong endorsement of Hillary Clinton, a political hack who is lacking in character. The focus here is on how horrendous Trump projects as a president. If you still don’t believe he is a joke as a presidential candidate, consider the following:

1 - Name one other major party presidential nominee who has never devoted time doing some type of public service work.

Sure, when the cameras are rolling, Trump refers to flashy financial contributions to charitable causes. While other candidates have been civil rights attorneys, served in the military, or volunteered time to organizations and humanity programs that aid people in need, Trump’s focus is strictly on business and making money.

2 - Name one other major party nominee who has absolutely zero experience in any kind of elected office at the local, regional or national levels.

Trump knows absolutely nothing about the inner, or outer, workings of the complex layers of government and is clueless about how to get things accomplished. His diehard, short-sighted support base relishes his brash, outspoken style. He promises them the overly simplistic solutions, usually insensitive and discriminatory, they want to hear.

His calling card is that he can cut through the red tape and corruption of Washington to get things done. The truth is that the only way Trump accomplishes anything in his business world is with power, wealth and a bullying style. Presidents don’t have that kind of power. To succeed, they need to master the art of diplomacy and building coalitions.

Name calling, insults and temper tantrums do not get anything done in Washington. Trump has even been unable to build any semblance of unity in his own party. He has alienated the entire Bush family along with McCain and Mitt Romney, the party’s last two presidential nominees. John Kasich, the popular Republican governor of Ohio, did not even attend the GOP convention in his home state.

3 - Has any other presidential candidate been so lacking in tact and class?

Trump’s public appearances are little more than lessons in juvenile-style character assassination. Instead of discussing the significant issues and presenting specific solutions with details, he focuses on immature nicknames for his opponents or whoever he thinks crosses his path. Anyone who takes issue with his crass and irresponsible rhetoric, is called a loser.

He revels in bringing out the worst and appealing to the lowest common denominator. It is pathetic when a presidential candidate starts laying down the groundwork of excuses for getting beaten by raising questions of whether the election will be rigged to keep him from winning.

Just when you think the level of his discourse can not drop any lower, Trump has an incident like his verbal attack on the grieving Muslim family, the Khans, who lost their son, a U.S. War hero, giving his life for this country.

Trump always has to throw in the last word, no matter how inappropriate, in an argument. He insults a former prisoner of war, like Senator John McCain, and casts aspersions on a well respected American judge, handling the court case against his ignominious Trump University.

4 - Has any other major party presidential candidate had such a questionable temperament to occupy the White House in an age of nuclear power and instability around the world.

Teddy Roosevelt believed in walking softly and carrying a big stick. Trump is just the opposite, stamping along like an elephant with nothing but names and insults to back himself up. So far, he has displayed an absence of poise when he is on the firing line and seems to respond to pressure with bursts of temper and irrational responses. Do you really want someone like this making decisions that involve the security of the world?

5 - Has any other major party nominee been so careless and inaccurate with what is said?

His words mean nothing and facts don’t matter. He talks of seeing news videos and film footage that never existed and describes events that never happened. Hearsay and rumor are Trump’s favorite sources of information. While he chastises the media any time he is asked tough, but reasonable, questions, and says his coverage is hostile and biased, he declares the National Enquirer a bastion of great journalism.

Trump has built a track record of saying one thing one day and then, after taking heat for the inaccuracy, saying the opposite the next day.

6 - Has any other major party presidential nominee been so clueless about foreign policy?

With his unworkable America First philosophy, he’s ready to shred many of the agreements and alliances with other countries that have been developed over many years. Russia’s Vladimir Putin, one of the world’s more untrustworthy and conniving leaders, seems to be Trump’s role model as being presidential. Whether he was joking or not, his request for the Russians to use their hacking skills to locate Hillary Clinton’s missing emails was not responsible public discourse from a serious candidate for U.S. President.

He is also partial to other dictators. Perhaps he believes he can rule the U.S. like a dictator, not dealing with Congress, if he becomes president.

It is astounding how many misstatements Trump makes on a weekly basis regarding the international scene. Oh well, at least he has finally realized that Russia is already in the Ukraine after declaring they would never go there.

With Trump’s track record, it is safe to say that if he is elected, the only wall that would ever be built on the Mexican border would have to be done by his own construction company and probably be financed some way by bankruptcy laws, which he adeptly utilizes.

The only reason anyone should even consider voting for a joke candidate like Trump is if the objective is to strive for chaos and even more ineptitude in Washington.

The problem is the joke would be on all of us.

David Maril has been a columnist, sports editor and copy editor at three newspapers published in Massachusetts, winning numerous writing and section-design awards. As sports editor of the Milford Daily News, he covered the Boston Red Sox, Celtics and the New England Patriots. At the Brockton Enterprise he served as vice president of the newspaper’s guild, dealing with contract negotiations and workforce issues through difficult economic times. He also served on the board of the Boston Chapter of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, where he is a lifetime member and voter in Major League Baseball’s annual Cooperstown Hall of Fame balloting. For several years was a columnist for Voice Of Baltimore. The son of the late artist Herman Maril, whose work is included in over 100 museum collections, David splits his time between Cape Cod, MA and Baltimore, MD. He currently serves as president of the Herman Maril Foundation, which supports curatorial projects, art education programs and exhibitions related to the study of his father’s work. The website, featuring his father’s artwork, is hermanmaril.com. A graduate of Park School in Brooklandville, MD, David majored in English at Clark University in Worcester, MA.

If you wold like to comment on this blog David can be reached at david@davidmaril.com.